Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Road To Happiness

St. Thomas Aquinas , in his great work The Summa Theologica, tells us that the common denominator and driving force for all mankind, is happiness. All men seek happiness as their ultimate goal or end. He goes on to say that true happiness must have many qualities including the stability of lasting forever. Obviously then the end or goal which all men seek cannot be of this world. Yet partial happiness logically will exist when one is securely on the proper road or path to ultimate happiness, and knows this to be true.

Now the Map outlining the Road to Happiness is urgently needed by all men. How else can they find the way and reach their goal. And so one needs absolute certainty of the Truth which is the Map of The Road to follow. Where can one find this absolute certainty? It certainly cannot be a man made or man determined Map or Body of Truth. It must come from the Source of Truth and the One who designed the universe and end for all mankind.

And so as a starter for anyone who has not yet found this MAP, I highly recommend the article WHAT IS NEEDED FOR SALVATION at http://vaticaniidebate.com/id5.html. Also highly recommended is Fr. Walter Farrell's book Volume II of A COMPANION TO THE SUMMA. Check it out online by doing a Google search on : Companion to the Summa, and clicking the appropriate link.

Pursuit of Happiness  This link is to the wisdom of Aristotle on happiness. Saint Thomas Aquinas referred to Aristotle as THE PHILOSOPHER. St. Thomas drew much wisdom from Aristotle, who he greatly admired.  

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